April 2020
A future Heritage Display
The Wagon Wheels
The Heritage Society currently has custody of a pair of wheels on an axil. These were found in the Stoke Road allotments some years ago and were originally part of one of the Trucks that carried stone from the Ironstone Quarry down to the canal. The Committee would like to put these on display to show a different aspect of Blisworth’s industrial past. The current aim is to put the display in the Conservation Area where it will be seen by as many visitors as possible, but also somewhere appropriate in a historical context. A number of suggestions were made by villagers at the Easter Egg Hunt, these include: Triangle outside the Mill Outside Sun, Moon and Stars Outside School (Elm Tree Corner) End of Greenside Stoke Road near old track crossing Stoke Road by Allotment entrance Courteenhall Road Village Gateways .
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If you have any more ideas the committee would like to hear from you.
The committee is currently discussing this informally with SNDC to find what would be acceptable to them from a Safety and Planning point of view. When options have been finalised and costed, they will be presented to the Village and formal approval sought for the prefered option